Outstanding access, all the way to Kyoto! Take a direct train from Kyoto and arrive
at Green Hotel Yes Ohmi Hachiman in 35 minutes.

If you're visiting Kyoto for sightseeing, then our hotel is the ideal place to stay.

Kyoto has always been popular for sightseeing, and in the peak season it can be very difficult to get a hotel room.

Green Hotel Yes Ohmi Hachiman is only 35 minutes by direct train from Kyoto and 110 minutes direct from Kansai International Airport. Give us a try!

Our city of Omihachiman has lots of great sightseeing spots that are popular with visitors from overseas. For example, you can check out the old townscape of "Shonin no Machinami", or feel the seasons at "Suigo Meguri".

Details on access

Sightseeing Information

  • Fushimi Inari Shrine
  • Kinkaku-Ji ( Golden Pavilion )
  • Kiyomizu Temple
35min by train

There are many World Heritage Sites and Important Cultural Properties in Kyoto, like Fushimi Inari, a shrine famous for its red Senbon Torii, Kinkakuji, a luxurious golden shining temple, and Kiyomizu-dera, a World Heritage Site temple which leans out over the edge of a precipitous cliff and commands a fine view of the whole city.

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  • Omi Shonin no Machinami 5min by car
  • Visiting the Lakeside Districts 10min by car

Founded by Hidetsugu Toyotomi, the castle town of Omihachiman went on to flourish as the place of origin of the so-called Omi shonin (Omi merchants). The merchants' shops and white-walled storehouses which remain even now evoke the past glories of the Omi shonin, who made their fortunes by peddling their wares far and wide, armed with just a single carrying-pole.

Also, the lakeside district of Lake Nishinoko is included among the Eight Views of Lake Biwa as "Shunshoku: Azuchi Hachiman no Suigo" (roughly, "Colors of Spring: The Lakeside Districts of Azuchi Hachiman"). On a journey through the lakeside districts, drifting along natural waterways formed by colonies of reeds in a gently rocking little boat, one can enjoy the natural landscape while listening to the songs of waterfowl.

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